How our loans work

Borrow from £100 to £20,000

1. You Apply / We Value

Contact us at our shop or through our website. Tell us how much you want to borrow and what assets you plan to use. We value the assets and make you an offer with details of the loan.

2. You Accept / We Pay

You accept our offer and we receive your items. We pay you in cash or by bank account transfer.

3. You Pay Back / We Return Assets

You pay back the loan and any outstanding interest. We return you assets.

Three options to raise funds

Secured asset loan – a pawnbroking agreement
This is an agreement in which you leave assets with us as security against a loan. The assets remain yours throughout the period. Interest can be paid monthly or at the end of the term. We will provide lower interest rates for people who wish to pay the interest monthly. At the end of the term, you settle any outstanding interest and pay back the loan. The goods are returned to you.

Should you not repay the loan, we will write to you to advise you that the agreement term has finished and that it is time to collect your items. You may have the option to extend the agreement by paying the interest due to date and taking out a new contract with us. If you do not redeem the items, we will sell them, repay the loan, interest and a pre-agreed administration charge from the proceeds. Once the loan is settled, if there are excess funds from the sale, these will be paid to you. This agreement is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Buy back agreement
This type of arrangement is commonly used for short-term loans, usually 28 days, set against electronic or mechanical equipment. We will buy your goods from you and commit to sell them back to you at the end of the period for a pre-agree price. If you do not wish to buy them back at the end of the period we sell them and the agreement is concluded.

Loan to sale
If you are considering selling items to raise cash, we can provide an immediate loan against the item and then run the sale process for you. This means there is time to put the items in the right auctions and markets. In this way, you can find the best buyers to ensure you gain the most from your asset’s value. You do not need to settle for a discounted price in order to get a fast sale. We can offer this service against a variety of items including jewellery, watches cars, agricultural equipment and sporting guns. Should you have other assets you would like to discuss with us we are always open to an exploratory conversation.

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