Loans from £100 to £20,000

Draycotts lends against things you own

Loans can be made within minutes of receiving your items

Borrow from 2 weeks to 6 months. Pay interest only for the time you keep the loan and repay at any time during the period with no early repayment penalties

There are no credit checks and no information is reported to credit agencies as your loan is secured against your items

Email us for a loan quote or call 01271 325 767

How much do we lend?

We lend sums from £100 to £20,000 on an immediate basis. In some circumstances we can make larger advances and welcome discussions on them. We base the amount we lend against the type and market value of your assets. This can range from a maximum of 70% of the market value to as little as 30% of the market value. Market value is the price the asset can be sold for at the time of the loan. For more information on how we assess the market value see Valuing Your Assets.

What assets can you use?

 We lend against any assets of lasting value. These can be :

  • Jewellery
  • Gold / silver
  • Coins
  • Prestige watches
  • Cars
  • Sporting guns
  • Leading brand electronics
  • Agricultural equipment

If you have something which is not listed above that you think would make good security for your loan, please do contact us as we are always open to an exploratory conversation. We are a customer focused business and are keen to find a way to meet your short-term finance needs. As an independent business we have the flexibility to do this well.

See How It Works for more detail on our process and the three ways in which we can provide funds for you